Why school camp?

Good food literacy needs time to grow 

Most children love school camp… and with good reason. At school camps, children get together in new ways with room for new experiences. And with no ringing bells to interrupt the fun, the children are together from morning until evening. This is what most students miss in the everyday life and love about weekends and holidays. A setting with time for immersion and room for fellowship and getting together.

When food and school camp come together

With Arla Fonden’s FOODcamp, we want to combine the known forces of the traditional school camp concept with the good, life-qualifying abilities of being able to take care of your own food and lifestyle.

At FOODcamp, children and young people learn that food and meals offer time and space to experience, sense and dream – both in the kitchen and in the nature. All within the safe settings of the class community and with their usual teachers at hand.

FOODcamp is more than a school camp

The course begins at home, where the teachers must prepare the students by working with relevant topics from the FOODcamp material in the daily classes. After FOODcamp, the course continues with follow-up material to create a lasting imprint.

The core of the course is the week at FOODcamp, where the students are brought together in whole new surroundings full of nature and inspiration. This is when the 10-14 year olds are given the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge through practical activities outside the classroom. The time away from home will be spent in a calm setting that allows the students to set their imagination and curiosity free. You can read much more about FOODcamp here. 

An inspiring journey

We have all attended courses, seminars or travels that changed our lives and nuanced our worldview. Arla Fonden’s FOODcamp aims to be just that kind of experience: an inspiring, life-changing journey. A week of joy, discoveries and solid experiences that plants tiny seeds of food joy and awaken a curiosity for food, commodities and taste. All with the sole purpose of improving the health and lifestyle of future generations.

Let the students give you a tour

Take a tour with the students and experience life at FOODcamp.

Take a tour of FOODcamp
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