FOODcamp on Helnæs

Located on the Danish Island of Helnæs, a former high school forms the setting for sensuous, active food experiences for children and young people at FOODcamp.

The FOODcamp on Helnæs is located in beautiful surroundings in the heart of Denmark. At the same time conveniently located in regards to transportation, while also comfortably secluded in in the wonderful Danish nature. The atmospheric main building and the many possibilities of the property form just the right settings for a wonderful stay.

The perfect surroundings

The process or remodelling and renovating the property began in the spring of 2014, and by September 2014, FOODcamp Helnæs was ready to welcome the first school classes. The heart of FOODcamp Helnæs is the big kitchens and a cosy dinner hall. In addition, the outside facilities include a nice outdoor kitchen, an activity space with animals, a greenhouse, kitchen garden, herb plots and campfire sites.

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Much more than cooking

The idea is to represent the entire spectrum between food and lifestyle. FOODcamp is much more than cooking and healthier habits: it is also about fellowship, sustainability, responsible use of resources and sensuous curiosity for commodities. And then it is about passing on the joy of being able to cook yourself to future generations.


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