What is FOODcamp?

FOODcamp is Arla Fonden’s school camp for 6th and 7th grade – a week full of experiences with food, courage and natural commodities

FOODcamp is the most important initiative of Arla Fonden. Here, 6th and 7th grade classes participate in an alternative and exciting learning course through which they may discover the joy of cooking, while also forming a clear attitude towards their eating habits.

The goal of FOODcamp is to create the foundation for a meaningful and inspiring school camp with food, meals, health and nature at the centre.


Students that have participated in a FOODcamp course should have a feeling that

– that they can cook, and that it is both fun and important to cook
– that nature, food and meals are significant to their daily lives
– that the practical aspect of cooking and meals helps develop the sense of community and well-being for themselves and their class in general



FOODcamp is much more than a 5-day school camp

FOODcamp is a carefully organised course built around three phases that involve both students and teachers from start to finish.

‘BEFORE FOODcamp’ the topics of food, health and nature are put on the agenda at school.

‘DURING FOODcamp’ the students work with the meal itself, commodities, health and sustainability through a number of different activities.

‘AFTER FOODcamp’ the class continues to work with the themes, for example through a challenge that they bring home from the stay. In this way, FOODcamp will hopefully leave a lasting impression.



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