Vision og Mission

Arla Fonden wants to pass on the general food education and a healthier lifestyle to children and young people.

Arla Fonden’s vision

We want to engage children and young people in creating good, healthy and sustainable meals that may contribute to a healthy lifestyle and provide energy to learn.

Arla Fonden’s mission

We want to offer children and young people experiences and learning at food camps to stimulate a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

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What is FOODcamp?

FOODcamp is a week at a school camp, where 6th and 7th grade learn how to cook and understand their own importance to health, lifestyle and sustainability.

What is FOODcamp?

Changing food habits

Hear the children describe how Arla Fonden’s FOODcamp challenged them to push their own boundaries and helped change their food habits.

Changing the next generation
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