Board and management

The board of Arla Fonden is widely composed of leading experts from the Danish business life. 


Jakob Knudsen, Chairman of the Board

Jakob Knudsen is the Managing Director of Arla’s Danish business. In addition, Jakob is responsible of Arla’s social responsibility and contribution to society in the Danish market.


Ida Husby, Vice Chairman

Ida Husby has a Master of Public Health and a Ph.D. in Health Sciences. Ida has conducted research in the possibilities of promoting health through the eating habits of children, and among others, she has been employed by the Danish Health Authority, FDB, and as Education Manager at Nutrition and Health Ankerhus, UCSJ. Today, she works as Department Manager in the Danish Health and Care Administration.


Peter Albæk

Peter Albæk is a cand.scient.pol from University of Copenhagen. He has been employed by the Danish Ministry of Health, and today, he acts as partner and CEO in LEAD Agency with a particular focus on social and health topics. Peter has previously acted as Chairman of the Board at Børns Vilkår, and still today, he holds a number of other board positions within the topic of children and the young.


Bent Kock  Nielsen

Bent Kock Nielsen acts as partner in Implement Consulting Group where he works with leadership development, while also doing team coaching for a number of corporate managements. Since 2012, he has been responsible of preparing and conducting a number of summer camps aiming to bring boys who have left the school system in an early age back on track.


Hanne Søndergaard

Hanne Søndergaard is responsible for Arla’s global categories and brands, including the Arla brand. Hanne’s responsibilities include global strategies, innovation and development of consumer communications.


Maja Møller

Maja Møller works in Arla’s Danish business where she coordinates CSR projects and contact to Arla’s external stakeholders. Maja is educated in nutrition, health and communication, and for many years, she has managed Arla’s consumer communication in Denmark along with Arla’s general initiatives in regards to health promotion.


Jan Hedegaard

Jan Hedegaard is responsible of milk and yoghurt on the Danish market of Arla, including strategy, innovation and marketing. In addition, Jan is also responsible for Arla’s many activities and events for children and young people – activities that all focus on improving the food habits for the next generation.


Jan Henriksen

Jan works for the National Association of Local Authorities in Denmark, where he counsels muncipalities on development initiatives within the school area, among others. He has a background as teacher and a Master of Science. Since then, he has specialised in public management with a special focus on children and young people and how to combine learning, didactics and management.


Sanne Vinther, Managing Director

Sanne Vinther is the CEO of Arla Fonden. Sanne has great experience with responsibility, societal challenges and communication from her former positions within Arla Foods – most recently as Stakeholder Relations Manager and Internal CSR Advisor.

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