UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Arla Fonden’s contribution

Below, you can read which of the 17 UN goals Arla Fonden contributes to and how we do so. 


Target 3.4

By working with food and meals, FOODcamp helps to promote the health and well being of children and the young, while also strengthening the class’ unity and improving the students’ ability to take care of their own life and the life of others. 81% of the students  feel that they know more about food in relation to health after attending FOODcamp. And 83% of the students think that FOODcamp has  strengthened the unity of the class.


Target 4.7

The main objective of Arla Fonden is to inspire good food habits and a sustainable lifestyle with children and the young. Through an  involving approach to working with food and meals, FOODcamp strenghtens the childrens ability to cooperate, take responsibility and  relate to food and commodities’ significance to health and well-being (and vice verca). In this way, the young are educated to make  independent decisions in regards to their own lifestyle as well as more general topics like consumption and sustainability.


Target 12.3

At FOODcamp, children and young learn about commodities’ way from soil to table, about sustainable  consumption, garbage sorting and composting, and about  ways to minimise food waste.

Target 12.8

Nature and sustainability are among FOODcamp’s focus areas.  Through working actively with food and meals at FOODcamp, the  children become aware of the significance of their own actions and  choices in regards to the correlation between food and nature.


Target 17.17

Arla Fonden believes that the ambitious objectives of the future are reached through partnerships. Among others, FOODcamp #2 is  established in a cooperation between Tønder Municipality and RealDania By og Byg. Also, Arla Fonden’s second main initiative, Din  MADdag, sends out weekly newsletters to 10-14 year olds in cooperation with a number of different suppliers of recipes.

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