The primary purpose of Arla Fonden is to develop and operate the FOODcamp concept. However, the knowledge and experiences made here are also used in other contexts and projects. Here, you can read about some of the other activities that Arla Fonden is involved in. 


MADmovers (FOODmovers)

MADmovers is a multidisciplinary teaching program for 6th grade, in which the class rethink and innovate their eating habits and lunch breaks. In this way, the students take active part in creating a better setting for the food culture for the class.

MADmovers is developed by Arla Foods in cooperation with Arla Fonden and a number of experts – including chefs, teachers and professors at Aarhus University.


Arla Food Fest

Arla Food Fest is Arla’s Danish food festival aiming to engage children and young people in activities that may awaken their interest in foods and cooking. A focus highly relevant to the purpose of Arla Fonden. That is why, every year, we host our own activities on the festival and take active part in planning of the event.


Arla Food Fest is held annually in Copenhagen and Aarhus.


Generation Food Award

Generation Food Award is an annual award show for children and adults alike, praising initiatives that have made a special effort throughout the year to create better food habits for the next generation.

The revenue from ticket sales go to Arla Fonden, and in this way, the guests are helping more children and young people to experience FOODcamp.

The award show was held for the first time in 2017 in relation to Arla Food Fest, and in 2018 at the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. Previous award sponsors include, a.o. Føtex, Danish Crown, Arla, Tulip, and in 2018, Arla Fonden has it’s own award to hand out – the award for “Best Learning Course”.


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