Every year, when 1600 Danish students visit Arla Fonden’s FOODcamp, their stay takes place in a setting furnished by IKEA.

Arla Fonden and IKEA have formed a partnership in which IKEA donates furniture, kitchenware, textiles and assistance with interior design for FOODcamp Helnæs.

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The partnership behind FOODcamp Højer

FOODcamp Højer is situated in the small city of Højer near the Southern border of Denmark. Here, a historical marsh farm named Højergaard makes up the physical setting of FOODcamp Højer. Højergaard is owned by Realdania By & Byg, who have also been in charge of renovating the historical buildings in cooperation with Tønder Municipality. Whenever the site is not used to run FOODcamp, it is used to host various food and meal-related activities for the local community by Tønder Municipality.



The partnership on Din MADdag (“Your FOODday”)

Din MADdag is Arla Fonden’s weekly newsletter with inspiring recipes for 10-14 year olds and their busy families. The recipes are made in cooperation with a number of carefully selected partners, and all of the recipes live up the Official Dietary Guidelines set by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food Administration.





Other friends of Arla Fonden

Gloria Mundi
Every year, Gloria Mundi sponsors fresh, Danish herbs for Arla Fonden’s activities at Arla Food Fest.

Superfos sponsors packaging and storaging boxes for FOODcamp Helnæs and FOODcamp Højer, as well as for Arla Fonden’s annual activities at Arla Food Fest.




Take a tour of FOODcamp

Let the students give you a tour and experience what life is like at FOODcamp.

Take a tour of FOODcamp
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