Operation food with courage and delight

At Arla Fonden, we believe that one of the greatest gifts that we can pass on to the next generation is the ability to stand on their own feet – not least when it comes to food. There is great joy to be found in being able to take care of your own food, yourself and other people.

A greater shared responsibility

Arla Fonden believes that a better understanding is the way to a greater shared responsibility. When young people learn how to cook from scratch, they achieve a better understanding of commodities, production and sustainability.

Awareness builds courage and the will to act

At Arla Fonden, we want to contribute to make the next generation one of courage – especially when it comes to food. They should have the courage to taste new foods and experiment in the kitchen, while becoming more conscious of health, resources and the environment. In this way, they can also build the courage to put sustainability at the very top of the agenda.

The good meal

We believe that the good meal is more than physical nutrition – it is also about fellowship, flavour and presence. At Arla Fonden, we want to support that by providing young people with lasting tools to integrate the good meal in their everyday life.

A duty to pass on good food habits

Good food habits inspire and is inherited. This stresses the importance of passing on our knowledge and habits. Food is energy for the mind, body and senses, and in Arla Fonden, we consider it a gift and an obligation to support the young to give them a greater interest in and knowledge of food.

A generation of everyday chefs

Arla Fonden wants to invest in the opportunities of young people. The opportunities to choose an active life, create good meals and raise awareness on sustainability. We hope that this will contribute to make the next generation one of everyday chefs – with an appetite for cooking and an attitude towards their food habits.

It was so much fun to be at FOODcamp. I have learned a lot and tasted things that I had never tasted before.

Isabella 6.Y
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