About Arla Fonden

Arla Fonden wants to inspire children and the young to better food habits and a sustainable lifestyle. We do this by creating good experiences focusing on food, nature and activity.

Arla Fonden believes that everybody can cook if only they learn how. Through a number of different initiatives, we want to offer the opportunity for children and young people to delve into the wonderful world of food – not just to teach them the craftsmanship behind a well-tasting meal, but also to give them the courage and knowledge to take responsibility for their own health in the future.

We learn through curiosity and enthusiasm

Our goal is to meet children and young people at eye level based on the curiosity and enthusiasm that they so naturally possess. We believe this to be the shortest way to learning and experiences, thus giving them the best conditions to acquire new skills and form their own opinions.

In this way, we hope to give the younger generation a good basis to make independent decisions both in regards to their own lifestyle as well as general topics such as consumption and sustainability.

The foundation does not accept applications for funding

Currently, Arla Fonden’s financial means are used to develop, establish and operate FOODcamps, and therefore, the foundation does not accept applications for other funding.

We want to help form healthy habits and a sustainable lifestyle that influences the life of children and young people in the long run.

Jakob B. Knudsen, Chairman of the Board in Arla Fonden
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